by Mais Samir Karadsheh


      Time has past and the days have gone; as our hours had been filled by emptying our emotions, leaving us either exhausted in mind, or physically drained.  These past two weeks have brought us to relieve and let go of our frustrations and hurt that burned us with such anger; anger we felt for one another because of the conflict; a history that has labeled our present, as it threatens the future.  Even though our anger wasn’t settled, at least we felt it justified in our arguments. Tears were shed, yet in the end they were dried.  Yes, we all may agree about the reasons that brought us here; “but” the possibility of hope, the look upon promise was far from our minds.  Coming together, after all was not meant for a solution; our hands may come together in friendship; but back home, our lands remain the barriers between.  Peace; has become the challenge of today, fearing what tomorrow may bring; knowing that we cannot evade the truth of our loss; a myriad now lay at peace with the land they’ve been fighting for. 

      In Cyprus, we all experienced living on a different land; a land that didn’t threaten us to fight over.  We all came as foreigners; and together we shared a room, together we ate at the same table; yet apart we faced each other in discussions.  The beginning was hard as many found it unbearable and were unable to listen to others as they themselves had so much to say; so much to prove; Yet with time; everyone came to learn; learn about themselves; learn about how others may feel; and most importantly learn to listen.  This alone was so evident in my observations of our meetings and it brought me to realize that nothing ever happens overnight.  For people to come together; they face hardships which can only bring them closer.   We all experienced this, as we faced our own hardship; yet it only brought us closer; and from then on, our process of learning began to unfold.

       I know that “reality” was the key that separated us at many points in our discussions; yet I also know that there is never a solution without a key.  For it is a key for promise.  And we all as citizens are the holders of that key; and our actions hereafter are the challenge to join more hands. And together we can turn the lock to a solution.  Our hands did come together; and our goal now is to search for others who can give us that strength to break through the Lock; the Conflict, and turn it to a life of Promise in a Land of Peace.

      “Who holds the key to a solution?”  Ironic it is to ask, when your hand is holding onto the solution.



MAIS SAMIR KARADSHEH is a writer who lives and works in Amman- Jordan. Her essay Coming Together is related to the Peace Conference between Palestinian, Israelis, and Jordanian which took place in Cyprus on October, 2004. She was among the forty young delegades who met together to discuss and share experiences about the Middle East conflict.

"Dreaming of Peace" oil on canvas by Raquel Partnoy