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The Disappeared


The unpredictability of life under Argentina's military rule, when people disappeared every day; the deep uncertainty that many families experienced in their daily existence, created all kinds of horrible feelings, most importantly, fear. In fact, fear and death were closely
related during those days. The military generated an atmosphere of terror by sending large numbers of armed soldiers who brutally bursted into people's houses, shouting and breaking glass windows and doors to grab they victims away form their homes.


----------------------------REMEMBERING RODRIGO ROJAS---------------- ----------------- Veronica de Negri was imprisoned and tortured by the Chilean military after the l973 coup. She came to the United States as a refugee. Veronica was very active in the human right movement when the Chilean military killed her son, Rodrigo Rojas, burning him alive in Santiago. The assassination of Rodrigo in July l986 gave her more strengh to fight for justice. She travels extensively, denouncing human rights violations.